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Desi Parker

Apprentice member since 2016

I am the maker behind Mountain Girl Clay. My pottery is designed to be used; therefore intended to be an active part of daily rituals.

In designing and creating pottery, my inspiration comes first from the function of the intended piece, and then from ways to make that piece bring beauty into the lives of those who use it. Using shapes and textures drawn from historical items, I seek to make the past come alive in a way more suited to modern life. I am drawn to handmade textures like doilies and laces, contrasting those with natural objects like leaves and flowers. I thrill at the differences in texture from worn surfaces, showing age and use through time, and the sleek clean lines Scandinavian design. The imperfections and subtleties that are inherent in handmade objects captivate my attention.

Each hand holds a mug or bowl in a way unique to that person. Each set of eyes are attracted to subtle differences in shapes and textures. Each person will be attracted to pieces that speak to them, to their way of connecting with the world.