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Patrick Lynn

Member Since 2013

I’ve been working with clay off and on since my grandmother gave me a handful of it when I was a kid. Some time later I returned the clay to her in the form of Mr. Hollow Tummy and Mr. Belly Button. Both of these gentlemen looked something like penguins wearing berets, and after Mimi bisque fired and returned them to me, they looked out for me from my bedroom shelf until I went off to college.

I’m a touch-intensive potter — I like to keep my hands on the clay, touching, pushing, squeezing, pinching, scoring, puncturing, rolling, throwing, pounding, assembling, stretching, pounding. So there’s the meditative, therapeutic aspect of making, but I’m also compelled to make things that are useful, resonate with my aesthetic, feel good to hold, and that I can give to someone as a reminder of my affection for them.