Project Description

I have enjoyed working in clay for 25+ years, which does not include the early years of mud pie making. I find joy in being able to share my experience in clay with others; it is exciting to get to show people the clay process and watch their excitement grow as they begin their own journey in some form of creative expression. It’s often said, “variety is the spice of life”. Variety definitely shows up in a lot of areas of my life including my cooking, my taste in fashion, my eclectic house decor, my interest and participation in sports, my work in the field of education, and also my interest in clay. I am inspired in so many ways each and every day by so many things. Music, written and spoken words, shapes, forms, colors, landscapes, creatures and sunsets all inspire me and allow me to incorporate their beauty into my daily life.  My work in clay is an expression of the inspirations I find daily in life. I am grateful for and inspired by the beauty found throughout the heavens and the Earth; created by God for our enjoyment. I am always honored to have my pottery be a part of another person’s life whether it be that the person owns one of my pottery pieces or that I have inspired someone to smile, giggle, play or just pause for a moment and admire something I made; this is something that brings me both joy and a grateful heart!