Beginning students should purchase a set of pottery tools at any store that sells art supplies.  This kit includes (costs approximately $15):

  • a cutting wire
  • pin tool
  • wooden rib
  • trimming loop tool

Intermediate/advanced students may be asked to provide additional tools or supplies.  The instructors will provide that information either before the class begins or on the first night of class.

Bring a towel or apron to protect your clothing.


50 lbs of clay, glazing and firing fees are included in the class registration.  Additional clay may be purchased provided the instructor has approved this and kiln space is available.  The cost of the additional clay will vary depending upon the type of clay.


All pots will be bisqued and glazes will be provided.  Firings vary depending upon the class, but at least one firing will occur at the end of the class to fire finished pieces.  Some instructors will also schedule a mid-session firing.