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The Boulder Potters’ Guild is a non-profit cooperative studio founded in 1969 to provide studio and firing facilities. Our goal is to provide a vibrant facility where members can come together to grow as artists, and where students can learn to work with clay. Facilities to make, glaze and fire many kinds of ceramics are available to our artist members. We also offer classes for all levels of students, and hold workshops with nationally and internationally known potters. Twice a year, in May and November, we hold a Show & Sale at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. Whenever possible we also collaborate with other organizations in the area to provide educational opportunities and bring the joy of handmade ceramics to our community.

We are financed by member dues, proceeds from our sales, workshop and class tuition, and grants. We are a Tier III Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) organization.

Our Mission

The mission of the Boulder Potters' Guild is to provide facilities, educational opportunities, and a supportive environment for its members and members of the larger Boulder County community to work with clay in many ways and to share the creativity and satisfaction of this ancient and continuing aspect of human culture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable community promoting excellence in the ceramic arts.

We Create

We are sculptural and functional artists in clay who come together in an organization and a studio to gain inspiration and connection with others who share our art.

We Teach

The BPG has a variety of classes that offers students (both adult and children) of various skill levels the opportunity to learn a wide variety of throwing, hand building, and firing techniques.

We Share

BPG members and the organization as a whole bring clay to the larger community through lectures, exhibitions, sales, fundraisers and coordination with other arts organizations, schools, and community organizations.

Our Core Values

Below are our seven core values followed by examples of how we live out these values in our community

  1. Integrity – To be trustworthy, fair, and honest. To stand behind our work. To be accountable for our work, and pay our fair share.
  2. Community – To have a member commitment to the Guild, and a willingness to work with others, placing the well-being of the whole organization above the individual. Sharing common goals and interests.
  3. Respect & Kindness – To appreciate other points of view. To listen. To have tolerance. To be kind and accepting of others.
  4. Professionalism – To have a commitment to quality. To be mature and have self-respect and organization respect. To follow-through. To exhibit competency in ceramics.
  5. Collaboration – Teamwork. To have a willingness to work with others towards shared goals and interests.
  6. Communication – transparency, consistency, timeliness, sharing of knowledge (interpersonal and organizational, as well as internal and external)
  7. Craftership – A commitment to quality ceramics.