Adam Field Workshop

June 17-18, 2017

In this two-day workshop Adam Field will demonstrate his methods for carving intricate pattern on a variety of wheel-thrown porcelain forms. He will also demonstrate traditional Korean Onggi coil and paddle pottery techniques. From ancient Korean techniques, to innovative solutions for timeless problems, participants will develop a new perspective on creating and decorating functional pottery. Participants will learn new skills for mapping out and carving geometric patterns in clay. Generous discussions about studio practice, aesthetics, materials, ceramic history, and promotion and marketing strategies for the studio potter are certain to encourage individual discovery, growth, and development of fresh ideas. Participants will gain the skills and confidence to create and decorate work in their own voice.


Tip Toland Workshop

February 18-19, 2017


“This will be a hands-on, two day workshop making ¾ scale, anatomically proportionate heads and applying facial expressions to them. Besides blocking in the features, we‘ll talk about what muscles govern various expressions. We ‘ll make as many heads as time allows.”


Gwendolyn Yoppolo Workshop

May 14-15, 2016

0-2The pots we choose to make hold more than food and drink; they hold our values and mediate our interactions. Let’s take this weekend to consider the larger purposes served by our work as makers of objects that respond to physical gestures and fit into the relationships of our lives. Through dialogue, writing, sketching, and 3D excursions, we will articulate our intentions, clarify our visions, and refine the meanings conveyed in our work. While exploring forming methods such as pinching, coiling, throwing and altering, solid prototype building, press molding, and erosive shaping, we will strive to align our conceptual content with the materials, processes, forms, and presentation of our work.  At the end of the weekend, we will emerge with a new sense of purpose as makers within contemporary culture, building prototypes for a new world.


 Sunshine Cobb Workshop

November 21 and 22
Time: 9AM-4PM with a potluck lunchScreen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.32.00 AM

Handbuilders, wheelthrowers, newbies and experienced… intrigued by process, form, surface and nontraditional finishes? Observing the real-time progression of Sunshine’s work provides an in-depth understanding of the timing and sequence necessary to build complex forms—whether pinching and coiling on soft and hard slabs or alteration of thrown forms. Integration of tactile surfaces, vibrant glaze and post- fired sandblasting completes Sunshine’s fully realized ceramic objects. At the end of the day, students will bring fresh knowledge, technique, inspiration, energy and new levels of achievement to their own work. “I rely on texture and color to create a sense of motion and time in my work. By exploring and creating vessels kept within arms reach, I hope to communicate how an object’s significance can grow and change depending on the path of a person’s life.” –Sunshine Cobb

Line Into Form.

Jeanne Quinn, professor at CU
Saturday, June 6th,  9-4 with a potluck lunch.

This is a great opportunity to learn from a well respected artist in our own town. We are lucky to have her. She is a wonderful artist, and inspiring teacher. You will come away with tons of new ideas! Let’s explore new ways of working!

Drawing provides a way to quickly explore new ideas for ceramic forms. In this workshop, we will explore drawing as a means for making patterns – to translate the drawn line into ceramic form. Several possibilities will be demonstrated, using coil, slab, and other hand building techniques. The workshop will include slide presentations and discussion of historical and contemporary ceramics, demonstrations, and time for participants to experiment with drawing, pattern making, and hand building.

Check out her website


Paper Clay as an Art Medium
Beginning to Advanced Students

Jerry Bennett
Feb 28-March 1, 2015

This workshop focuses on the use of this innovative material to make both functional pottery and sculptural forms. We will review how to make paper clay, bonding slips, and hand-built ceramic forms.  The workshop will also explore the use of texture, different construction techniques, and decoration using paper clay. This is a hands-on workshop so please bring basic hand-building tools with you to the workshop. The workshop will provide paperclay for you to experiment with. Participants will receive written formulas to make paper clay and several interesting cone six glazes. Additional information about paper clay and pictures of the instructor’s work can be found at or Check out Jerry’s blog-

Topics to be discussed at the workshop:
How to use cellulose or cotton fibers in clay, other fibers you might want to use, using casting slip as a clay source, and firing techniques. This workshop will have lots of practical advice on how to solve problems in your studio, such as: how to fix broken work, reduce shrinkage in clay and how to prevent pots from cracking.

Exploring Ceramic Glazes
Beginning to Intermediate experience in ceramics

Jerry Bennett
Friday, Feb 27, 2015

“This workshop is designed for ceramic artists who want to learn more about glazes, color/surface development, or who are frustrated with not knowing what makes glazes work on their pottery. Many modern potters rely on prepackaged glazes for their work. With a little work and training you can formulate and make your own glazes which will allow your pottery to be unique and your own personal expression.

My goal for this class is to take some of the mystery out of glazing.  We will review a detailed handout which describes materials in most glazes and why they are used.  We will talk about glaze problems and how to begin to correct them.  We will talk about how to test glazes and change them to meet your needs.  As a group activity we will make some glazes and talk about how to apply them to your pots without causing additional problems.

If you want to get started at home, you can begin to experiment with glazes for less than $60 in materials.  I will provide a shopping list and several really good glaze recipes to begin your creative journey.”


Don Cox and Caroline Douglas
Nov. 21-24, 2014

Allow yourself to experience the magic of atmospheric firing!

Don’s recommendations for clay that does well in soda: any cone 10 porcelain or stoneware. Light or white bodies like B mix take flashing slips well; dark bodies remain dark and may resist soda. The number of pieces that get in the kiln depend on their size and how many people we have.

Don and Caroline will demo their glazes and slips and everyone will decorate their own pots. Pieces will be wadded for the firing. Don will share his soda firing method and teach us how to make the soda cakes for the kiln. We will load the kiln in the afternoon.

While we fire the kiln, Don and Caroline will demonstrate clay techniques.

Don will show how he forms his platters, lidded jars, oval vases, and bowls with cut rims. Caroline will demonstrate how to create an animal form and how to form larger pieces. During the day we will see how to fire the salt/soda kiln and learn all these techniques.

is a day off

We compare notes as we unload the kiln and help with cleaning up the kiln, washing shelves and kiln walls.


Dec. 6-7, 2014
9-4 with potlucks each day

Painting on Tiles with  Terra Sigillata

Jenny Mendes will take us on a two-day trek through the imaginative use of color in ceramic surface decoration.

Participants will learn to infuse a texturally rich and emotionally charged surface upon their work.

Jenny will guide the discussion of various colorful ways to approach the surface as a painter, by means of a palette of terra sigillatas, glaze, underglazes, washes, and oxides. She will present her “low tech” process of making terra sigillata, with emphasis on helping participants to develop a unique color palette of their own.

Jenny’s website:

Justin Rothshank

May 17-18
9-4 each day

We are pleased to be able to have Justin Rothshank come to BPG and offer a 2 day demo/hands-on workshop. He is a master with decals and image transfers and also does transfers for salt. He has a DVD out with Ceramic Arts Daily.

Come join us and try some new things with your photos, found images or your drawings on clay! Bring a couple of small finished pieces with a white or light glaze and we will decal them and fire overnight during the workshop. He will share his secrets and add some tips for photoshop.

Email: Please indicate “workshops” in the subject line.

Check out more Rothshank’s work here

Figurative Sculpture with Debra Fritts

Dates: November 15, 16, 17, 9am – 4pm  SOLD OUT!
Free & open to the public! Debra Fritts slide show and lecture Friday night 7:00 pm, November 15 at BPG. 
Check out her work here