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Apply for Membership

  • REGULAR MEMBERShave access to the guild facility 24 hours a day. (Some exemptions apply during class sessions). After a probationary period they are voting members of the organization. New members are expected to be experienced potters with the ability to make, glaze and fire their work independently.

  • WORK EXCHANGE MEMBERSwork as bisquer, clay maker, cleaner, maintenance person, publicity assistant and as studio assistants during student practice sessions. These positions require a minimum commitment of one year. In return for work, membership dues are waived. After a year you are considered for full membership when a spot is available. If you are interested in an apprentice position, please indicate this on your membership application.

Members are chosen by a jury of Guild members. A membership acceptance requires a dedication to artistry in clay work and proficiency with the medium as well as a commitment to the voluntary work required to keep the organization running. Experience in using kilns and mixing glazes is expected.

If available, a member may apply to be a Work Exchange member. A Work Exchange member is required to perform daily or weekly tasks to help maintain the facility. They do this in exchange for membership dues.

Membership fees are $50 per month. There is also a lifetime membership fee, $400, that is payable over the first six months. All firings and material costs are extra. New members are expected to be able to work independently and are probationary for six months. Twice yearly, members have a sale of their work with a portion of the proceeds going to the Guild’s capital fund. Members are expected to work on this event and to participate as sellers if possible.

If you have addition questions regarding membership, please email us at: