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Donna Miers

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Donna Miers

Member Since 2006

I have enjoyed creating pottery for over 2 decades. As a recently retired educator in the Boulder Valley School district, I now devote much more of my time to creating pottery and helping others start their own journey in this fun and exciting work. I am thankful to the various potters who have both taught and continue to inspire me in this creative endeavor.

Years ago I attended a potluck where I saw the most beautiful handmade pottery bowl filled with salad. It was a big bowl with a beautiful shape and vibrant colors of purple, red, and blue. I am sure the salad was good but it is that uniquely handmade pottery bowl, that beautiful bowl that was etched into my memory. I believe that using a unique and beautiful piece of pottery to present a meal or drink always enhances and adds that “wow factor” to the experience. Combining form, function and artistry together to create a piece that will be used and admired often is an ever-present and constantly evolving goal of mine. I admire shapes, forms, and colors found in nature and I try to bring these elements into my work. It brings me both joy and gratitude to know that my pottery is being used daily and in so many memorable friends and family gatherings.