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Ellen Hardman

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Ellen Hardman

Member Since 2016

Ellen Hardman is an artist who revels in the concept "more is more," and she is developing a body of work that has multiple layers of texture and decoration. Her primary focus is wheel-thrown functional ware using all types of mid-range and high-fire clay, with cone 10 porcelain being her clay body of choice due to its white color, smooth surface and translucence. Ellen has worked with clay since high school; she earned a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute, majoring in ceramics and fibers, and she has attended numerous pottery workshops over a period of more than 40 years through Anderson Ranch and various community colleges. In addition to working with clay, Ellen sews small quilt pieces, makes jams from neighborhood produce, and loves to travel with her husband.  She has two daughters who are both artists pursuing their Masters' degrees. Currently working from her "garagio" (her garage studio) in Boulder, CO, Ellen can sometimes be found on long walks in the countryside, collecting roadside treasures to use for adding texture to clay.