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Eunjoo Kang

Artist Details

Eunjoo Kang

Member Since 2023

My name is Eunjoo Kang. Long name short, EJ is the one I easily go with. In my childhood, back in South Korea, I loved drawing and always had a curiosity about art and crafts. Just whenever I had time, I kept sketching and painting and sculpting with a bar soap or mud. All those moments carried me to a ceramic art degree at the University. After I graduated from University, I followed my husband to the U.S. Now I work at my lovely studio in the backyard and I've been able to extend a ceramic art experience at Boulder Potters Guild as a member. I would like to implement any opportunities around me in what will help me expose myself more to the ceramic art communities and learn more about the great production of ceramic art.

I love to express and re-create the beauty of the nature and warm hearts feeling of humanity through my works. I love to explore all different colors and all fire (low, mid, high) clays and terra sigillatta works for sculptures. I also like to experiment to combine a functional pottery and sculpture or objective art.