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Julia Zuniga

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Julia Zuniga

Member Since 2018

My mind is in a constant state of artistic exploration and I am happiest with my hands dug into the soft earth. One of my biggest influences is my Grandmother, who at the age of 87 is still a practicing artist. Her influence is where I gained respect and vision for my life as an artist. I studied at Florida Atlantic University where I graduated with a BFA in Ceramics and a Bachelors in Education. During my tenure I earned awards and scholarships for outstanding dedication to my work, meriting opportunities to work at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts and Haystack Mountain School for the Arts. I consider myself fortunate to be able to work as an educator and an artist. Next to creation the most important aspect of my work is fostering an appreciation for the arts, teaching not just technique, but also exploring the bravery and vulnerability required for an artist; putting passions and ideas out on a literal pedestal.

My work is directly inspired by the colorful and chaotic streets of my hometown Miami, FL, and the bold geometric designs characteristic of pre-Colombian and Ukrainian pottery and textiles. I relish the idea that my creations will become part of someone’s rituals as I draw inspiration from historical ritualistic use. Historically pottery has connected people to the earth and has been celebrated as a vehicle for food and libations, when creating my work i think about this history and how it allows me to connect with my ancestors and community.