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Mydra Miller

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Mydra Miller

Member Since 2004

I began my romance with clay many years ago after watching a man in California throwing pots minus half of all ten fingers. His skill was mesmerizing. Returning to Colorado, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about clay and fire under the teaching and critical eye of our local potter extraordinaire, Betty Woodman. From that time forward I took advantage of the instruction of many talented clay artists, both local and international. Early in my exploration of clay, Colorado potters Jim and Nan McKinnel, teachers at Colorado Women’s College, Denver, guided me to the magic of porcelain, suggesting that type of clay was the one I should pursue. I took that advice to heart and have worked in porcelain since that time.

Most of my work is functional in some way. Vases for flowers, mugs and bowls for daily use, translucent light shades and wall sconces, are the types of items I make.

Because I am fascinated by the translucency of the porcelain I make several of my pieces as thin as possible to maximize translucency. In a coffee mug, tea cup, a sorbet bowl, a hanging or wall light, each has its own unique way of giving the pleasure of translucency.

The intrigue and enticement of the mystery and unexpected result of the final piece after the firing never ceases to give joy, amazement, pleasant surprises, and on occasion, disappointment. This is what keeps the potter coming back to the clay and to the fire. The element of surprise and satisfaction, witnessing the transformation of a soft piece of earth into a permanent piece of beautiful utility that may even be discovered by future Archeologists, gives the potter a sense of timelessness.