We offer clay classes at all skill levels.  Class sessions are offered three times a year and are taught by members.  Teachers rotate to expose students to a variety of skills and styles.  Access to scheduled open lab sessions is included with class registration.

Beginning/intermediate adult classes focus on fundamentals of wheel thrown and hand built pottery.  Students learn such skills as centering, throwing and trimming on the potter’s wheel, as well as hand building techniques.  Students also learn glazing and can be involved in the firing of their pots.

Intermediate/advanced students focus on refining skills, and depending upon the teacher’s expertise, may focus on a particular type of clay work such as hand building, sculpture, low fire clay, or porcelain.  Masters classes are for individuals who are looking to focus on a special area. Master classes given in the past included porcelain slip casting, sculpture, salt firing, raku and glaze formulation.

In the summer, children’s programs are offered.  Check each session’s schedule for class offerings.

Classes are limited to 14 and must have at least 6 students.  Classes with fewer than 6 registered students will be canceled.

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Winter 2018 Class Offerings