Boulder Potters’ Guild Summer 2017 Class Offerings

(for young people 10-14 years old)  

Week One: JUNE 5th-9th daily from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm            $195

Week Two: JUNE 12th-16th daily from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm        $195

Both weeks of Kid Summer Clay Camp will meet 12-3pm Friday, June 30th to pick up finished projects and share a Pot Luck meal altogether.

Instructors: Berit Naeseth and Kati Messing

Beginning clay wheel throwing, hand building and sculpture using Cone 04 (low temperature) white clay fired in an electric kiln. Imagine and Create. Bring your ideas alive with experienced artists Kati and Berit. Every day bring a sack lunch to keep yourself energized.

From Berit Naeseth: “I am an experienced artist and teacher, who currently works with the Boulder Valley School District and St. Vrain School District. I have also taught studio art courses at the University level for 10 years.”

From Kati Messing: “I am an Illustrator, painter and printmaker working with clay for the past 8 years. I am excited to share my love of clay with the young artists at clay camp.  You can see my work at and follow me on Instagram at katalinmessing

Week 1 Full 
Week 2 Canceled

Adult Classes
All Classes Start Week of June 5-9, 2017

The Boulder Potters Guild offers four different classes for the summer Session. Be aware actual class schedules vary. You can register for classes via PayPal. Go to to choose class. Under classes, go to Class descriptions and Registration.

All Classes Include:

  • Eight three-hour class sessions
  • 50 lbs of clay (An additional 25lbs. of clay can be purchased ONLY from the Guild)
  • 3 additional practice sessions each week: Tuesdays 1-4PM; Wednesdays 6:30-9:30PM; Saturdays 10AM-1PM
  • “NOTE:  Because the Guild is offering the Adam Field Workshop, there’s NO PRACTICE SESSION Saturday, June  17th.  The MAKE-UP PRACTICE SESSION is Sunday, June 11th 10am – 1pm.”
  • Maximum class size is 14, minimum is 6. If full, a waiting list may be available. Class will be cancelled if fewer than 6 students registered.
  • Registration fee includes glazes and firings

*BPG Payment Policy: If a student withdraws after the first class but before the second class a 75% refund will be made. All refunds will be charged a $5 processing fee.

Monday Afternoons 1:00 – 4:00PM June 5th – July 24th

Beginner’s through Advanced Levels Cone 10 Class     $195

Instructors: Joy Boston and Donna Miers

Summer is the perfect time to be creative and add some art to your garden, house, or tabletop. Come ready to explore your creative side. Create individual works of art as your class instructors provide guidance and instruction. This class is for students with every level of skill. Students will explore many facets of clay including wheel thrown pieces, hand-built pieces, sculptures, and water fountains. We will be using cone 10 (high fire) clay and glazes. Come create, play, communicate and explore with us! If you want…bring an idea or photo to the first class of something you want to create… and let your summer fun begin!

From Joy Boston: “I have been creating in clay for over 40 years. I specialize in outdoor sculptures and overlapping glazes on functional stoneware.”

From Donna Miers: “I have worked over 30 years in clay. Currently, I am an educator with Boulder Valley School District and over the years I have had the opportunity to introduce many young adults to the joys of working with clay. I have taken numerous workshops with many clay artists and will bring this knowledge to our class. I enjoy creating functional pieces that are both wheel thrown and hand built.”


Monday Evenings 6:30 – 9:30PM June 5 – July 24

Adult Cone 10 Advanced/Intermediate Skill Level Class     $195

Instructors: Darryl Houghton and Rick DeVoss

The primary focus will be wheel throwing.  There will also be hand building demos.  The class syllabus will be determined by and based on the skills and desires of the students. A raku firing is also possible at the end of the last class.

From Darryl Houghton: “I have been making pots for 25 years and teaching pottery to adults off and on for the last 21 years.  I enjoy working with people of all ages and skill levels. I am also a docent at the Denver Art Museum.  Expect a lot of individual help.”


From Rick DeVoss: “I have been practicing ceramics for the past 13 years and majored in art/ceramics during my undergraduate studies.  My work in the Bauhaus tradition focusing in functional, wheel thrown pots and altered shapes off the wheel. I am inspired by the nature surrounding me and the ever present lines and curves presenting themselves.  I am interested in both being able to create pots as “production” and experimenting to find new one of a kind pots.”

Tuesday Evenings 6:30 – 9:30PM June 6 – August 1

(Note exception: No class on July 4th.)

Adult Cone 10 All Skill Level Class     $195

Instructors: Nancy Kuester and Karl Nazarro

Wheel throwing and hand building both functional and nonfunctional. Glazing and High fire Dover, Big White and recycled clays will be used with a cone 10 gas reduction firing at the end of the class.

From Nancy Kuester: “I have been working in clay last 40 years, mostly hand-building and some throwing.  I like to mix hand-built and wheel thrown forms to make new forms.”
From Karl Nazarro: “I was a production potter as well as a ceramic and sculpture teaching assistant while I was getting my Fine Arts degree.  I have enthusiastically returned to clay after 30 years away.  I emphasize functional ware and will concentrate on developing the skills of beginning throwing students.”


Thursday Evenings 6:30 – 9:30PM June 8 – July 27

Adult Cone 6 Intermediate/Advanced Skill Level Class     $195

Instructors: Julie Neri and Lewis Patterson

This class will explore wheel throwing and hand-building for intermediate to advanced students.  Firing to Cone 6 electric with these clay bodies:  B-Mix and B-Mix with grog.  We will create and experiment with test tiles to learn the personalities of the cone 6 glazes, before using the glazes on your finished work. We will layer glazes and experiment with blending glazes.  This class will focus on helping you become better, more efficient and more creative potters through repetition and experimentation in both hand-building and throwing.


From Julie Neri: “I began my career in clay as an adult student 20 years ago and I have learned through classes, workshops, and self-study.  The majority of my skills come from experimenting and repetition.  I have been teaching pottery for six years and especially love to help students open their minds to new possibilities.  My work is mostly hand-built, inspired by nature, focused in texture and fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln.”

From Lewis Patterson: “I am a self-taught potter, an engineer, and a dancer.  I‘ve taken three seemingly disconnected topics and merged them into a life of passion.  Within pottery, I am a devoted thrower, and strive for creating repeatable pieces that are consistent, clean, and functional, but with a touch of organic beauty.  I am an apprentice at the BPG, and this will be my first endeavor in teaching pottery.  I first met Julie as her student several years ago, and am joyfully looking forward to teaching with her.”


All Adult Classes Include:

  • Eight three-hour class sessions
  • 50 lbs of clay (An additional 25lbs. of clay can be purchased ONLY from the Guild); if you use porcelain, there is a small additional charge 
  • 3 additional practice sessions each week: Tuesdays 1-4PM; Wednesdays 6:30-9:30PM; Saturdays 10AM-1PM
  • Class size maximum is 14, the minimum is 6. If a class is full, a wait list will be available.
  • All classes cost $195 and this fee includes glazes and firings

All Kid Summer Clay Camps Include:

  • Five, 3-hour classes during 1 week
  • Pot Luck and Pick-up party on June 30th 

If a class is full, please email to be placed on a wait list for the class you are interested in. Class will be cancelled if there are fewer than 6 students registered.

Questions – email*BPG Payment Policy: If a student withdraws after the first class but before the second class a 75% refund will be made. All refunds will be charged a $5 processing fee.

Online Registration (preferred).  For mail-in registration form or other questions  email:

Partial scholarships are available. Contact