Boulder Potters’ Guild Winter 2018 Class Offerings

Winter 2018
Classes week of Jan 8th through week of March 3rd

The Boulder Potters Guild offers four different classes for the Winter Session. Be aware actual class schedules vary.

All Classes Include:

  • Eight three-hour class sessions
  • 50 lbs of clay (An additional 25lbs. of clay can be purchased ONLY from the Guild with cash or a check)
  • 3 additional practice sessions each week: Mondays 6:30-9:30PM; Tuesdays 1-4PM;  Saturdays 10AM-1PM
  • Maximum class size is 14, minimum is 6. If full, a waiting list may be available. Class will be cancelled if fewer than 6 students registered.
  • Registration fee includes glazes and firings

*BPG Payment Policy: If a student withdraws after the first class but before the second class a 75% refund will be made. All refunds will be charged a $5 processing fee.


Tuesday Evenings
6:30 – 9:30PM January 9th- February 27th

Cone 10 All Levels    $195

Instructors: Barbara Curtis and Karl Nazarro

Class Description: We will be teaching a cone 10 all level class.  We will be demonstrating the basic throwing shapes, cylinders, bowls, plates, and covered jars plus any requests that students may have.  We will also be demonstrating hand-building techniques. It will be an eight-week class.  The last two weeks will be devoted to glazing techniques and decorating.


From Barbara Curtis: My name is Barbara Curtis and I have been teaching classes at the Boulder Potters Guild for 25 years. My focus is throwing, but I also teach hand building techniques. My classes include a cone 10 firing in a gas kiln. Cone 10 is stoneware and thusly very durable. Glazing instruction and decorating techniques will also be taught. I love teaching and sharing my passion for clay with students. You can visit her BPG artist page at Barbara Curtis

From Karl  Nazarro: Karl Nazarro was a production potter and teaching assistant in ceramics and sculpture at Riverside City College while working on his degree in Art from UC Riverside. After establishing a career in graphic design and three decades working away from clay, he returned to this medium in 2014 and has enthusiastically shared his love of the craft ever since. Karl Nazarro

Class Full

Wednesday Afternoons
1:00 – 4:00PM 
January 10th – February 28th

Mid Range Soda Firing    $195

Instructors: Don Cox and Alyssa Westenbroek-Koster

Class description: Join us to explore wheel thrown forms and surface decorations which emphasize the unique qualities of mid range Soda firing. Decorating techniques will include sgraffito; Mishima, traditional brushwork and more!

From Don Cox: I’ve been making handcrafted pots for over two decades. Skill and competence at the potter’ s wheel in glazing , decoration, and firing were early goals and continue to be primary goals even today. My search now is about bringing these elements into a cohesive whole. Slowly, day-by-day , my work continues to evolve and progress. The daily, monthly, yearly cycle of studio pottery is what sustains me as an artist.

From Alyssa Westenbroek-Koster: Alyssa Westenbroek-Koster studied ceramics at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. After graduating she spent two years as a production potter for Heather Lane Pottery in Ada MI., then she was a studio assistant to potter for two years before making the decision to start her own full time studio practice in 2008. As of 2014 she has been living in Boulder, CO., and making pots full time from Centercraft Studios, a cooperative studio with 9 other professional artists in Boulder. She sells her work though art markets and galleries around the country, and online. To see her artist page go to Alyssa Westenbroek-Koster

Class Full

Wednesday Evenings
6:30 – 9:30PM 
January 10th – February 28th

Cone 10 All Levels Class    $195

Instructors: Priscilla Cohan and Cris Conklin

Class Description: Using cone 10 porcelain and stoneware clay, we will explore wheel throwing, hand building and surface decoration techniques for students of all skill levels.  If you have a specific project in mind, or want to learn or improve your pottery skills, we are here to help!   

From Priscilla Cohan: Priscilla Cohan is a semi professional studio artist. Her ceramic work focuses primarily on simple pottery forms that are canvases for drawing. She paints, sketches and draws on pottery with various underglazes, clays and glazes. Her subject matter varies from objects and animail to cartoon-like portraits. She has a solid foundation of throwing and hand building techniques. She values combining practice and experimentation in order to integrate muscle memory and esthetics into your unique style. For more information about Priscilla Cohan visit Priscilla Cohan

From Cris Conklin: I have been working with clay for almost 30 years and have been teaching on and off for 20 years.  As a full time potter, my focus is on creating tableware with sgraffito decoration, tiles and animal sculptures. You can visit her BPG artist page at

Class Full

Thursday Evenings
6:30 – 9:30PM 
January 11th – March 1st

Cone 10 All Levels    $195

Instructors:  Kirsten Drummond and Brad Carhill

Class Description: Come join us to experience the magical atmospheric effects of high fire salt. This is an all levels class. Anyone is welcome and no experience necessary. There will be basic wheel throwing and hand building instruction, basic glazing techniques for salt firing, and kiln loading/firing experience. Come ready to work in a social atmosphere with a friendly spirit. Bring some of your favorite music to share and have some fun!!

From Kirsten DrummondI’ve been making utilitarian and sculptural ceramics for 12 years, getting my start in classes like this one! I majored in ceramics and sociology at University of Massachusetts and then apprenticed with Robbie Lobell, a utilitarian potter who fires cone 10 reduction. I have owned my own studio and taught both children’s and adult’s classes on ceramics and nature. I have taken extensive workshops at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina as well as Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado and fired wood, gas, and trane kilns.

My greatest influences have been Warren MacKenzie, Don Reitz, Simon Levin, and Steven Hill. Form, topical application in the form of surface decoration, and firing are all intrinsic to making a good pot. Each part of the process is important in its own way and are all connected, resulting in a finished piece that, at the very least, arms us with new information. My work is about rhythm and gesture as well as a conversation between the user and the pot. I admire the learning process and enjoy helping others push their own boundaries, whether that is making a larger, taller form or troubleshooting glaze application techniques. If I don’t know the answer to your question, we will work together to find it.

From Brad CarhillBradley Carhill first discovered clay in high school. He majored in clay at Bemidji State University and is a graduate from Naropa University getting his maters in Buddhist studies and Chaplaincy. He found his original pottery influences in the work of Bernard Leach, Shoji Hamada, and Warren MacKenzie. Born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota, his work is in honor of this tradition utilizing basic forming and decorating methods, emphasizing in the precision of the craft, elemental quality of the process, labor, and the constant pursuit of balance between form, function, and aesthetic as an art. He works to make well made functional pottery that explore rhythm, repetition, variety, and texture as a way to explore organic statements influenced by the landscapes and places that he has lived. He hopes his work serves as a connection to being human in the world and the value of nature and living on Earth. Also, his work serves as a platform to discover Dharma, well-being, and beauty through contemplation with clay.

Class Full


All Adult Classes Include:

  • Eight three-hour class sessions
  • 50 lbs of clay (An additional 25lbs. of clay can be purchased ONLY from the Guild); if you use porcelain, there is a small additional charge 
  • 3 additional practice sessions each week: Mondays 6:30-9:30PM; Tuesdays 1-4PM;  Saturdays 10AM-1PM
  • Class size maximum is 14, the minimum is 6. If a class is full, a wait list will be available.
  • All classes cost $195 and this fee includes glazes and firings




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If a class is full, please email to be placed on a wait list for the class you are interested in. Class will be cancelled if there are fewer than 6 students registered.

Questions – email*BPG Payment Policy: If a student withdraws after the first class but before the second class a 75% refund will be made. All refunds will be charged a $5 processing fee.

Online Registration (preferred).  For mail-in registration form or other questions  email:

Partial scholarships are available. Contact