Boulder Potters’ Guild Fall 2017 Class Offerings

Fall 2017
Classes week of Aug 21st through week of Oct 9th

The Boulder Potters Guild offers four different classes for the Fall Session. Be aware actual class schedules vary.

All Classes Include:

  • Eight three-hour class sessions
  • 50 lbs of clay (An additional 25lbs. of clay can be purchased ONLY from the Guild)
  • 3 additional practice sessions each week: Mondays 6:30-9:30PM; Tuesdays 1-4PM;  Saturdays 10AM-1PM
  • Maximum class size is 14, minimum is 6. If full, a waiting list may be available. Class will be cancelled if fewer than 6 students registered.
  • Registration fee includes glazes and firings

*BPG Payment Policy: If a student withdraws after the first class but before the second class a 75% refund will be made. All refunds will be charged a $5 processing fee.


Tuesday Evenings
6:30 – 9:30PM August 22nd- October 10th

Advanced Salt Firing Class    $195

Instructors: Don Cox and Brad Carhill

Class Description: This is an all levels class. Anyone is welcome and no experience necessary. There will be basic wheel throwing and hand building instruction, basic glazing techniques
for salt firing, and kiln loading experience. All are encouraged to participate in the
firing too. Come ready to work with a friendly spirit, listen to good music, and have
some fun!!

From Don Cox: I’ve been making handcrafted pots for over two decades.  Skill and competence at the potter’ s wheel in glazing , decoration, and firing were early goals and continue to be primary goals even today.  My search now is about bringing these elements into a cohesive whole.  Slowly, day-by-day , my work continues to evolve and progress.  The daily, monthly, yearly cycle of studio pottery is what sustains me as an artist.

Brad Carhill: Had his start in clay during high school. He majored in clay at Bemidji State University and is a recent graduate from Naropa University getting his maters in Buddhist studies. He found his original pottery influences in the work of Bernard Leach, Shoji Hamada, and Warren MacKenzie. Born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota, his work is in honor of this tradition utilizing traditional forming and decorating methods, emphasizing in the precision of the craft, elemental quality of the process, labor, and the constant pursuit of balance between form, function, and aesthetics. He works to make well made functional pottery that serves human connection, well-being, beauty, and incorporating the Dharma in clay through contemplation, rhythm, repetition, and variety.

Wednesday Afternoons
1:00 – 4:00PM August 23rd – October 11th

Cone 10 Beginner/Intermediate Daytime Class     $195

Instructors: Joy Boston and Donna Miers

Class description: Fall is the perfect time to be creative and create some unique gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Create individual works of art as your class instructors provide guidance and instruction. This class is for students with every level of skill. Students will explore many facets of clay including wheel thrown pieces, hand-built pieces and sculptures. We will be using cone 10 (high fire) clay and glazes. Come create, play, communicate and explore with us! If you want…bring an idea or photo to the first class of something you want to create… and let your creative side begin!

From Joy Boston: I have been creating in clay for over 40 years. I specialize in outdoor sculptures and overlapping glazes on functional stoneware.

From Donna Miers: I have enjoyed creating pottery for over 2 decades. As a recently retired educator in the Boulder Valley School district, I now devote much more of my time to creating pottery and helping others start their own journey in this fun and exciting work. I am thankful to the various potters who have both taught and continue to inspire me in this creative endeavor. Years ago I attended a potluck where I saw the most beautiful handmade pottery bowl filled with salad. It was a big bowl with a beautiful shape and vibrant colors of purple, red, and blue. I am sure the salad was good but it is that uniquely handmade pottery bowl, that beautiful bowl that was etched into my memory. I believe that using a unique and beautiful piece of pottery to present a meal or drink always enhances and adds that “wow factor” to the experience. Combining form, function and artistry together to create a piece that will be used and admired often is an ever-present and constantly evolving goal of mine. I admire shapes, forms, and colors found in nature and I try to bring these elements into my work. It brings me both joy and gratitude to know that my pottery is being used daily and in so many memorable friends and family gatherings.

Wednesday Evenings
6:30 – 9:30PM August 23rd – October 11

Cone 10 Beginner / Intermediate Evening Class    $195

Instructors: Priscilla Cohan and Cris Conklin

Class Description: Using cone 10 porcelain and stoneware clay, we will explore wheel throwing, hand building and surface decoration techniques for students of all skill levels.  If you have a specific project in mind, or want to learn or improve your pottery skills, we are here to help!   

From Priscilla Cohan:

Priscilla Cohan is a semi professional studio artist. Her ceramic work focuses primarily on simple pottery forms that are canvases for drawing. She paints, sketches and draws on pottery with various under-glazes, clays and glazes. Her subject matter varies from objects to cartoon-like portraits. She has a solid foundation of throwing and hand building techniques. She values combining practice and experimentation in order to integrate muscle memory and esthetics into your unique style. For more information about Priscilla Cohan visit

From Cris Conklin:

I enjoy working with three-dimensional form and also with two-dimensional design. Pottery and ceramic sculpture allow me to explore both simultaneously. It is an interesting challenge to fit flat patterns onto the volumes and curves of my pots.

I tried many different methods of decorating my work before settling on the sgraffito technique of carving. Sgraffito involves carving a design through colored clay slip that has been brushed onto the pot. I love carving my designs because it allows me to add depth and texture to the pots’ surface while creating sharply defined images.

Thursday Evenings
6:30 – 9:30PM August 24th – October 12th

Cone 10 Beginner / Intermediate Evening Class    $195

Instructors:  Darryl Houghton and Rick DeVoss

Class Description: The primary focus will be wheel throwing. There will also be hand-building demos. The class syllabus will be determined by and based on the skills and desires of the students. A raku firing is also possible at the end of the last class.From Darryl Houghton: I have been making pots for 25 years and teaching pottery to adults off and on for the last 21 years. I enjoy working with people of all ages and skill levels. I am also a docent at the Denver Art Museum. Expect a lot of individual help.

From Rick DeVoss: I have been practicing ceramics for the past 13 years and majored in art/ceramics during my undergraduate studies. My work in the Bauhaus tradition focusing in functional, wheel thrown pots and altered shapes off the wheel. I am inspired by the nature surrounding me and the ever-present lines and curves presenting themselves. I am interested in both being able to create pots as “production” and experimenting to find new one of a kind pots.


All Adult Classes Include:

  • Eight three-hour class sessions
  • 50 lbs of clay (An additional 25lbs. of clay can be purchased ONLY from the Guild); if you use porcelain, there is a small additional charge 
  • 3 additional practice sessions each week: Mondays 6:30-9:30PM; Tuesdays 1-4PM;  Saturdays 10AM-1PM
  • Class size maximum is 14, the minimum is 6. If a class is full, a wait list will be available.
  • All classes cost $195 and this fee includes glazes and firings




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If a class is full, please email to be placed on a wait list for the class you are interested in. Class will be cancelled if there are fewer than 6 students registered.

Questions – email*BPG Payment Policy: If a student withdraws after the first class but before the second class a 75% refund will be made. All refunds will be charged a $5 processing fee.

Online Registration (preferred).  For mail-in registration form or other questions  email:

Partial scholarships are available. Contact